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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Thought-provoking quote

"To make relationships work, focus on what you appreciate about other people, and not your complaints. When you focus on strengths, you will get more of them."

A FB friend posted this a couple of days ago and it's been going around my head ever since. It's so true, but it's so hard for me. I go the extra mile for people, for everything really. I can't help it, it's my nature. I never say no, no matter how outrageous the request. But I end up feeling let down and disappointed so often, because others just don't hold up their end. I mean, I loaned someone my car. Who would say yes to that, besides me? Who would ask anyone that, except for me - knowing that I never say no. Another example - I kept someone's kids overnight at the very last minute. Because I never say no to anything. But what do I get in return? A big fat nothing, if I'm lucky. More often, I get a knife in the back.

I don't want to be so judgemental, but I end up feeling like a patsy, like I'm being taken advantage of. I'm so damn dependable, but instead of just being that, and being fine with it, I'm too aware of how NOT dependable other people are. And how much certain kinds of people will just use you, as soon as they realize how accomodating you are. It's such a crazy burden. I wish I could just purge those thoughts from my head. I wish I could just see people's strengths and not notice their weaknesses - I would be SO much happier!



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