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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The Dark Knight

Watched this movie on video (Blu-Ray actually) with Matt, his 4th time. I couldn't believe how unrelentingly dark it was. It's long and filled with random violence and mahem. Innocent people are murdered for no apparent reason, a man is maimed, and child is threatened with a gun in front of his parents, due to a completely misdirected desire for vengeance. And there was no real point to it all. I'd heard that Batman was forced to face his own nature, but he's almost a secondary character in the movie, and his action, or lack of action, is barely relevant during much of the film. Heath Ledger's performance is of course impressive, but for what? There is no resolution at the end, no larger meaning. Just death and pain and misery for all concerned. Why this is entertaining to people is beyond me.



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