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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

"Tell us the truth" (at your peril!)

I was nothing less than astonished to hear Campbell Brown on CNN tonight begin her broadcast with a plea to the presidential candidates to tell us the "brutal truth" because "we can take it." All evidence to the contrary! The vast majority of Americans are selfish crybabies and they obviously pick a president (or any elected official) with a single consideration in mind - "what will this person do for me?" It's a tragedy that American politicians must avoid offering any hard truths at all costs if they want a career. I just wish Ms Brown were right, but instead, I think she's completely delusional. Her tone of outrage just made her seem more so.

ADDENDUM 10/15/08

My perception is confirmed during the pre-debate coverage - every time a journalist asks a voter what they're "listening for" in the debate, every person lists their personal concern - I'm worried about losing my house so I want to hear their plans for that, I'm worried about my job going overseas, etc etc. Not a single person said anything about larger issues, the betterment of America, or the greater good. I'm now convinced that what distinguishes "swing" voters is that they're just the most selfish voters out there.

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