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Monday, October 06, 2008

McCain and his friends - Nixon henchmen

Really interesting assessment of McCain's ties to radicals, including G Gordon Liddy and Fred Malek (who both worked for Nixon), and how little the press is covering it, especially compared to endless stories and "analysis" of the (rather tenuous) connection between Obama and William Ayers.

The fact is that what many people would call violent, eliminationist rhetoric is common among the right wing, but has become so mainstream that the country doesn't even see it anymore. Instead, it's being projected onto the ghosts of a small handful of leftist radicals who in reality are now placid, aging academics musing about their former glories before an audience of 13 English majors.
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If William Ayers' youthful radicalism is relevant to this campaign, you'd think that people would question why McCain is involved with former Nixon henchmen from the same era. Ayers was exiled to the far corners of Illinois academia where a young state senator might cross paths with him at a local event, but would never dream of hiring him to work on his campaign [as Fred Malek was]. And Bill Ayers was certainly never feted with awards for his national radio show where he alludes to his desire to kill the President of the United States [as Liddy was].



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