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Saturday, October 04, 2008

Placing blame

From my favorite blog, Hullabaloo. I love the last line.

From Edroso:

Barney Frank used to live with a top executive at Fannie Mae. Though this had been reported as far back as 1992, conservatives are working it hard now, perhaps feeling that if their attempt to blame the financial crisis on black people doesn't work, they can get some traction blaming it on manlove.

"PART OF WHY THE USA GOT IT UP THE YOU KNOW WHAT," bellows The Astute Bloggers. "HOMO BARNEY FRANK WAS SLEEPING WITH MALE FANNIE MAE EXEC FOR YEARS." Ace O'Spades is of course on it like Lindsay Lohan on Samantha Ronson, and his commenters spray milk (at least we think it's milk) out their noses ("This sickens me on so many levels"). Dad29 assails "back-door-banditry" and asks, "Why should THEY worry about imposing a huge national debt on children?" (Please don't tell Dad29 they're allowed to adopt now, or he'll wear out his slur thesaurus.)

So, far we have blacks, Mexicans and gays being blamed for the financial crisis. Surely, they can't mean to leave out environmentalists and feminists? What about atheists? The conservatives are in such disarray they haven't even managed to find a way to blame Hollywood? They really are losing their touch.



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