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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

ACORN and voter fraud

It seems just surreal to me that this situation is getting so much press. I watched a reporter on CNN last night act like some serious investigative journalism was occuring because someone filled out a registration form for "Mickey Mouse." What a serious threat to democracy!! Hullabaloo summed it up nicely:

That [Republican voter suppression in the Shaheen/Sununu Senate race in New Hampshire in 2002] would fall under the category of ACTUAL election fraud. It was targeted at a specific race, and it sought to impact thousands of potential voters at once by disabling Democratic GOTV efforts in a form of voter suppression. Contrast this with registering one voter named "Mickey Mouse" at a time, telling election officials about it, and then hoping it slips past them and that someone in a mouse suit shows up to the ballot box on Election Day.

But when looking at the reporting about these kinds of incidents, the very real election fraud isn't mentioned, and examples of the system working, where election monitors catch bad registrations ahead of time and nobody fraudulent actually votes, becomes the scandal of the century. It's enough to make you wonder if some outside force is driving the discussion other than the very independent media.



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