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Wednesday, October 04, 2017

The left is doomed

I attended a "teach-in" about Charlottesville at SU tonight. Great speakers - a religion professor talked about refusing to compromise, a white woman talked about growing up in segregated Gainesville FL, a Jewish professor talked about the neo-Nazi resurgence in the US after Trump's election, a black "activist" professor talked about the "religon" of whiteness in America, and a gay professor talked about confronting fascists in NC. It was very inspirational. Then came the Q&A. It was all Jews suck because of Zionism and white people suck because they only hate Trump and they don't understand that black people have been fighting these issues for years and blacks should just go off on their own and fight since whites suck so badly. I ended up in complete despair. If only I had left when the original presentation ended. No wonder the Repugs are kicking our asses - we are too busy stabbing each other in the back while they roll over us and watch us recede in their rear view mirror.



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