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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Reading progress

As June winds down, Goodreads informs me that I'm on track to reach my 2012 goal of reading 50 books, as I've now completed 25. I wish it were true.  Two of the books on my list I didn't actually read completely.

I've created 2 shelf categories, Gave up and Need to Finish, to capture books I started but didn't finish.  However, there's no way to eliminate them from the total count, because there's only 3 status categories: To Read, Currently Reading, and Read.

23 books is still impressive, though 2 of those are "novellas" (that I got free on Audible), so I'm not sure I feel right counting them either.

But even 21 books in 6 months is pretty darn good for me - just a few years ago (2007) I read that many books over the whole year!



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