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Monday, December 05, 2011

Progressive values

One of my heroes, George Lakoff, wrote a great piece on HuffingtonPost about the use of language around the Occupy movement and the upcoming election. Toward the end, he summarized what we (progressives) should be emphasizing, and he just completely captures my personal political values.  This should be required reading for everyone, not just progressives, so that everyone in America will understand what we (progressives) are fighting for:

"Progressives have a basic morality, which is largely unspoken. It has to be spoken, over and over, in every corner of our country. Progressives need to be both thinking and talking about their view of a moral democracy, about how a robust public is necessary for private success, about the benefits of health, about regulation as protection, about revenue and investment, about corporations that keep wages low when profits are high, about how most of the rich earn a lot of their money without making anything or serving anyone, about how corporations govern your life for their profit not yours . . ."



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