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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Black Swan

I can't decide if I liked this movie or not, but I'm glad I saw it.  It was more harrowing than I expected, and gorier.  But it was a real tour-de-force for Natalie Portman - she's in almost every frame, and most of the time she's distraught.  It couldn't have been an easy movie to make, and she certainy engages you in her character's experience.  I also think it was really beautifully shot and well made.  So, cool movie, but hardly the Feel Good story of the year.  I was a bit frustrated with the ending - I thought the message was something about overcoming your fears to realize your dreams, but it seems like, ultimately, it was more about how your deepest desires will be the death of you.  I would have liked the former message better!



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