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Friday, July 30, 2010

Premature mourning

I was so sorry to hear that Newsweek was sold by the Washington Post company to businessman Sidney Harman, and that the current editor-in-cheif, Jon Meacham, would be leaving. But then I read an article quoting Harman strongly stating that he would maintain the quality of the magazine and that his goal was not to make a profit, but to try to balance the books (saying that "break even" would be a great place to be).

Meacham tried unsuccessfully to put together a purchase deal, so he is leaving after 4 years at the top post. In one article, it describes his time at the helm thus:

. . . Meacham tried but failed to remake the magazine into what some termed an American version of the United Kingdom's Economist: heavy on opinion, high-brow and, he hoped, attractive to affluent readers who would attract advertisers.

I certainly found the magazine highly readable and highly valuable during his time as the editor. (He's barely 40 years old, makes me feel like a real underachiever!!)

I do have hope now that it will continue to be a great weekly read, if Harman is true to his word.


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