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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Timothy Olyphant

So I watched the pilot of his new show, Justified, last night, and I thought it was a snooze - not bad, just boring. Not my cup of tea, all that hard ass law man crapola: "If I pull my gun, I'm gonna put you down." Yawn! I had to watch a few scenes of Catch and Release just to remind myself how cute and sexy TO can be (still some of the hottest kissing I've ever seen in a movie).

I love Elmore Leonard - I've read a bunch of his books and I love the movies Get Shorty and Out of Sight. I heard this was so "witty," but I didn't think so at all. Not a single quotable line, though I remember laughing twice (both at lines delivered by the "bad guy" Boyd Crowder, played by Walter Goggins: "There's always a Plan B" and "Damn, woman, do you only shoot people when they're eating supper?") Of course I loved Ava, who's completely unapologetic about shooting her abusive husband, but she's so otherwise pointless (and kinda slutty), it's hard to imagine identifying with her over the long run. I hope it's a big hit for Tim's sake, but it's not worth 60 minutes of my life each week, unfortunately.

Ha! Here's what the WaPo reviewer says:

. . . The first impression made by the series is particularly disappointing because it was produced for the FX network, where standards aren't artfully high but where the specialty is edgy, cryptic, potty-mouthed dramas that mutilate the old proverbial envelope ("Nip/Tuck," "Damages"). Although "Justified" qualifies as cryptic, and its mouth is plenty potty, it definitely lacks edge, the most important quality of the three.

In fact, it can get downright sleepy between killings. It moseys. It meanders. You might want to shout, "Git along, little doggie!" The narrative stops in its tracks for long, stretched-out scenes that are remarkably uneventful.



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