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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Yea Maffei!

I forgot to mention how thrilled I am that our congressional seat went to a terrific young man, Dan Maffei, who worked for Bill Bradley, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, and Charles Rangel. He ran two years ago and almost beat the longtime incumbent, Jim Walsh (the worst of the worst - he essentially inherited the seat from his father, and he voted with Bush about 98% of the time). Then, Walsh announced his retirement a few months ago (off to the private sector to make a killing, I'm sure). A local Republican hatchetman, Dale Sweetland, was thrown on the ballot, and Maffei took him in a rout. I worked for his campaign in 2006 and did a little this year, but he didn't really need the help - the DCCC took him under their wing and it was all but a foregone conclusion, even in this purplish district (blue in the city and red in the 'burbs).

Other races in the county:

Our state assembly rep, Al Stirpe (BEST campaign ad I saw all year) won handily and the state senators (one Republican and one Democrat) held their seats (the county has 2 districts). The judges were mixed - the Dem won the Supreme Court judgeship, but the Republican won the Surrogate Court.


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