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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Pope says Inter-Religious Dialogue 'Not Possible'

This can't be good:

Three weeks after the Vatican hosted an unprecedented conference with Muslim leaders, Pope Benedict has questioned the viability of interfaith dialogue, underscoring his longstanding focus on Europe's Christian roots.

The pope makes his comments in a preface to a book by an Italian conservative politician, Marcello Pera titled Why We Must Declare Ourselves Christians.

The pontiff writes that the book "explains with great clarity... that an inter-religious dialogue in the strict sense of the word is not possible," adding that "a true dialogue is not possible without putting one's faith in parentheses."

Benedict also warns against a European Union constitution that does not underscore the continent's Christian identity. Earlier this month, the Vatican led an interfaith conference in which Muslim leaders were invited.



Blogger Tom Heneghan said...

The pope isn't asking new questions about interfaith dialogue as much as restating his long-held philosophical position about it. That doesn't mean the practical work of seeking better understanding with other religions won't continue. Reuters religion writers in Rome and Paris elaborate on this on the Reuters religion blog FaithWorld at http://blogs.reuters.com/faithworld/2008/11/25/confusion-over-popes-letter-saying-interfaith-talks-impossible/

6:47 PM  

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