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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Apathy makes me sick!!!

I was feeling really discouraged this morning. Hanging with some friends on Saturday night, one woman, who is especially bright and capable, dismissed our nascent conversation about the election, saying, in essence "politics are stupid." I wanted to grab her by the collar and scream at her: "Don't you know that your government directly affects your life?!"

Then at the synagogue on Sunday morning, another woman dismissed "politics" with a sneer, saying she didn't know who to vote for because she "didn't believe either of them."

I'd rather have an argument with the most rabid Republican than deal with this apathy. It REALLY bothers me. If you don't care, if you can't be bothered for figure out who you want to represent you, then do us ALL a favor, and don't vote. But don't live in America, don't enjoy the benefits of democracy, and don't LAUD the beauty of democracy, if you can't be bothered to care, to educate yourself, or to have an opinion.

A new hope

Then I talked to my friend Mary, who lives in Virginia. Things are HOPPING there. People are SO motivated. There are lines around the block to vote. She couldn't find a slot at the local precinct office on election day because there were so many volunteers. She personally knows lifelong Republicans who are voting for Obama. I felt a LOT better after talking to her.



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