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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Offensive language in the campaign

Some comments from my favorite blog, Hullabaloo:

Because of the way conservatives constructed the playing field, and no one jumped all over them in time to stop it, liberals aren't allowed even to use common phrases like "lipstick on a pig" to describe an opponent's plans. But describing blacks as "uppity" is fair game.
[ . . . ]
They're tough to counter, even though they make no sense and are often just purely silly. The press loves them and they end up becoming such a distraction that the Dems finally conclude that it's not worth it to fight them. So they concede. And then they look like weenies.
[ . . . ]
This is a war in which one side, ours, is being deliberately and systematically disarmed. How many times does this exact same scenario have to play out, before Democrats get it?

[ . . . ]
[The controversy over the pig comment,] is COMPLETELY MANUFACTURED. [And it's] ridiculous. And the newfound Republican guardians of feminism, the ones who spent the spring selling Hillary nutcrackers and Citizens United Not Timid T-shirts, are somewhat less than credible.

The McCain campaign has no honor and no shame, and they will try to ram this down everyone's throat. The goal here ought to be letting the traditional media know, from a grassroots level, that they ought to give this exactly the attention it deserves, which is none. But, this is a tailor-made manufactured story for the daytime talking heads to cackle over.


Loved this comment on the whole lipstick-pig brouhaha:

Right wingnuts are hyperventilating, claiming that Obama called Palin a pig (since she owns the word lipstick now). Obama should stand by his statement and make it clear that Palin is the lipstick... and McCain is the pig.



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