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Saturday, September 20, 2008

"Skigamadoo or whatever you call it"

I loved this blog entry from Hullabaloo:

Matthews: We can't understand it. I'm one of them. I don't get it. What are all these derivatives and all this short selling and all this complicated financial ... skigamadoo or whatever you call it. What is it?

Wolf: Even the candidates have problem getting through this alphabet soup. I mean, they've both mangled the players and the key terms of those involved here. Are they talking about firing the right person when he talks about Chris Cox? Is it Fannie Mac or Freddie Mae?
[ . . . ]
Matthews: Will they let him be King Henry?

That's obviously the right question. But these villagers don't even blink at the concept --- indeed, they appear to think that the congress should let Paulson be King because he's so much more "big headed" then them. And they think this because they assume that the American people are as stupid as they are and just want daddy to fix things for them so they can go back to talking about lipstick and blow jobs, which is all they really understand.

Chris Matthews makes five million dollars a year. And he can't be bothered to read a fucking primer on the current financial crisis so that he can speak competently about it? Why is he on my television?

And . . . the other 2 pretended that Obama sounds just as moronic on the economy as Matthews and McCain, which it is patently untrue. Obama clearly knows what a derivative and short selling is and he knows what that Fannie Mae isn't Fannie Mac. It's nonsense. Maybe Chris Matthews is too ignorant to even know the basics of the modern financial world despite his vast wealth, but Obama isn't and he certainly doesn't need to appoint a "king" to run our country for us.

This is the thinking that led to Bush seizing the presidency in 2000. The media panicked and starting speaking in tongues and rending their garments about how all hell would break loose if the race wasn't decided immediately. It happened again with Iraq. At this point, whenever they start talking about how time is of the essence and we need to "trust them," watch your wallet.



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